RIFORMA Inc. (Reforma Co., Ltd.) is a group of craftsmen based in Yamanashi Prefecture that operates under the concept of "sharing craftsmanship from Yamanashi to the world".

Based on the three ideas of "providing new pleasures through clothes," "revitalizing craftsmen," and "delivering Japan's excellent craftsmanship to the world," we bring clothes made with reliable technology and aesthetics to the world, not just in Japan. I am sending.

ahead of work


IGARASHI Make TROUSERS/Ignore a reproducible brand. and gain high recognition. We can create products that we really want to recommend, not sell them, and propose and sell them to our customers. Realize the mechanism of to C.


By launching a group company that conducts in-house factory management and consulting services, we will increase the number of step-up destinations for in-house staff. We develop craftsmen who can think about business.


We aim to create a company that can generate sales on its own without relying on others. In addition, we will achieve revitalization of craftsmen and improvement of professional status by increasing sales and improving quality of each company with which we do business.


Our products do not have clear targeting. This is because custom-made work involves talking with the customer who placed the order and creating a piece of clothing that suits each individual. Our job is to do our best for each and every customer.

Our ideal customer is not a customer who orders 10 pieces in one order, but a customer with whom we can have a long-term relationship, even though one order may be one piece.

The reason is that we are still a young company. As a professional, I am still developing. That's why, rather than making 10 garments at once with our current capabilities, we would like to know the tastes of our customers and provide products that have been upgraded one by one for a long time to come.

product development

"We make what we really want" is our product development policy. Our products are not market-in, but product-out. Rather than "making things that sell well in the market," we make things that we really want and recommend to our customers.

Direct to Consumer

At RIFORMA Inc., Direct to We have adopted a consumer (direct to consumer) business model. Through dialogue with customers, we create the ideal clothes for each individual in our own workshop and deliver them directly. They are handcrafted by craftsmen at our own workshop in Yamanashi Prefecture. Our products and ideas are communicated through trunk shows, ateliers, and online stores held around the world.


June 2014
June 2014
STRASBRGO trading start
May 2015
Regular Beijing/Shanghai Trunk Show
November 2015
Regular NY trunk show
March 2016
Cathedral trading commenced
May 2016
Opened Jingumae Atelier
November 2016
Regular Singapore Trunk Show
September 2017
THE DECORUM (Bangkok) started trading
December 2017
Started trading with ATTIRE HOUSE (Hong Kong)
December 2017
Started trading with BREZZA
February 2018
Started LECTEUR trading
February 2018
Relocated the Jingumae Atelier to Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture as the head office and workshop.
April 2018
Akasaka Atelier Open
September 2018
Started trading with MEDALLION (Beijing and Shanghai)
November 2018
Korea trunk show held
April 2019
Beams transaction started
February 2020
April 2020
IGARASHI TROUSERS online store opened
October 2020
Akasaka Atelier relocated
February 2022
Started guji trading
February 2022
BARNEYS NEW YORK trading started
November 2022
Relocated head office and workshop to Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture



RIFORMA Inc. CEO. During his time as a sales staff at Lydea Co., Ltd. (currently Strasburgo Co., Ltd.), he created bespoke trousers for customers and staff and received high praise. With that as an opportunity, IGARASHI has been promoted not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world. A trunk show is held under the name of TROUSERS, and more than 2,000 trousers are produced each year. After that, the Jingumae Atelier was moved to Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture as the head office and workshop, and RIFORMA was established. Inc. established. As a trousers craftsman himself, he interacts with customers and continues to make trousers. He continues to play an active role with his self-taught know-how on making trousers and his sharp management sense that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional craftsmen.